Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We made it! :) (Days 6 though 14)

YEAH! We finally made it to San Francisco in just about two weeks, with no major break downs or wipe outs. We had a great time, met some interesting people and saw a beautiful part of the country. Thank you everyone for your support and donations to the Campaign to End Fistula, you have donated over $4,500--enough to repair more than 15 women. We are truly touched by all the generosity of family and friends. There was nothing else we would have rather been doing and were tempted to ride on down to San Diego (if there was only time!). The endeavor was a great success and hopefully just the start of working towards alleviation and awareness of obstetric fistula.

Day 6: Florence to Bandon, OR (71 miles). Misty wet day down the Oregon coast...

Day 7: Bandon to Brookings, OR (82 miles). Started the day late waiting for the rain to stop...we want sunshine!

Day 8: Brookings to Redwoods, CA (40 miles). Crossed the California state line and stopped for an early day at the Redwoods Youth hostel.

Finally reached Cali!

Day 9: Redwoods to Eureka, CA (70 miles). Finished off the winding roads through the Redwood National Park, happy to be leaving Hwy 101 and the traffic behind.

Kel gets friendly with the local wildlife.

Ridin' in the Redwoods

Can we stay here tonight? It looks nice and dry...

Day 10: Eureka to Standish-Hickey State Park, CA (90 miles). Our favorite day yet, through the beautiful 30 mile long Avenue of the Giants. Finally hot enough to have ice cream breaks! Started the climb over the pass out to the coast.

Lunch break in Ave of the Giants

Have you hugged a tree today?

Day 11: Standish-Hickey to Ft. Bragg, CA (45 miles). Climbed out to Hwy 1 and followed the coast down to Ft. Bragg. Stopped for an early day, Amber finally caught Kelsea's cold after a weeks of tenting together and sharing food!

Day 12: Ft. Bragg to Salt Pt. State Park, CA (78 miles). Down the beautiful, steep coastline in Mendicino County, wanting to stop at every beach. Thank goodness for tailwinds!

Climbing up the coastline

Day 13: Salt Pt. State Park to Olema, CA (63 miles). Continued through Sonoma County in the scorching sun, developing some interesting tan lines. :)

Day 14: Olema to Japan Town, San Francisco (40 miles). Wound our way into SF, across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Japan Town for Sushi with cousins. YEAH we made it!

On the north side of the Golden Gate

Mid bridge

Victory dance: the prospector

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